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How to make money as an Instagram Influencer

There are different ways of making money on Instagram as an influencer, although you never get paid by Instagram for your likes, post, and media shares, yet you still can earn cash through the network.

Collaborate with Brands

First off your Instagram account should be in very good standing, and you must choose an excellent niche for your account. There’s a big market for Fashion, game, travel, casino, poker, hairstyle, makeup, and clothing influencers.
Make as massive followership as you possibly can. In order to reach the milestone of 100, 000 followers, you need to work hard to get yourself noticed first. The competition between influencers is fierce there. You must use the best strategies in order to make engaging content for your followers, and it’s not only that, but you also have to find out the way to attract those Instagram users who have not become your followers yet.

Once you have built up an extraordinary viewership with as many as 500,000 followers or more, you would ultimately start getting proposals from brands wanting to promote their products through your Instagram account.

There’s no limited or certain amount of money that you can money by sponsoring the items, services, and products of third party brands. Some brands are as much as $1000 per image or post ad on Instagram to the Influencer. Kim Kardashian is such an inspiration; she is charging millions for posting one sponsored product on her feed because she has millions of genuine Instagram followers on her account. She’s only an influencer but also a worldwide celebrity.

If you are more famous worldwide, you are likely to make more money by posting just one image, promoting a brand’s product or services. Big brands are even willing to make big deals with the most inspirational and popular influencers. In order to get there and be able to earn this much money you first need to have massive followership on your Instagram account.

Affiliate Marketing

When promoting a third party product, you need to come up with smart marketing strategies as well. Since the same items are available everywhere on Amazon, eBay, and elsewhere in the marketplace, you need to find a trigger to entice the users to buy those items directly. Therefore, you must learn some marketing skills for that once you get a lot of followers on your Instagram account. Instead of using the brand’s ads for promoting their products, you need to make a video to give an honest review of the items that you wish to sell online.

Sell Your Products

If you don’t want to collaborate with the brands or indulge in affiliate marketing, the best way to make money for you would be selling your own products. You can build up your brand’s presence on Instagram and promote every product by sharing the insights on what makes your products better than their counterparts. Offer the best-discounted deals along with free giveaways to generate sales faster than usual. More importantly, you need to develop a trustworthy relationship with your customers so they can promote your products to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. A good item always sells more than the one that’s just a part of a timely Ponzi money-making scheme.